The Night

 NK3D   (Amaze Ink, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Amaze Ink, a division of Slave Labor Graphics

There’s a war on in the city, between the crimelord known as the Prince and the FBI men trying to bring him down. In the midst of it—and having a far greater impact on the criminal operation than the law—is the hulking vigilante known as The Night. A former government agent himself, who worked as a mole in the Prince’s organization, his exposure and subsequent torture has left The Night obsessed by his thirst for vengeance on the men who’ve stolen his life. Unfortunately for him, his violent methods and rash actions have made him an enemy of the FBI, as well.

This Dan Vado-scripted and Norman Felchle-drawn tale instantly brings to mind such works as Frank Miller’s Sin City and Jim Lee’s Deathblow, so similar is the mood and heavily shadowed artistic style. The black-and-white book was published by the Amaze Ink division of Slave Labor Graphics.

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 Dan VadoNorman Felchle