Six String Samurai

 SISS   (Awesome, 1998)

and 1998 Palm Pictures, L.L.C.

In this alternate universe, in 1957 the Russians took the United States by nuclear force. Only one piece of the American frontier remained free, a patch of land known as Lost Vegas. Through this desert wasteland wanders the six string samurai, a latter-day Buddy Holly who handles a guitar or a sword with equal skill. Hes a man on a collision course with destiny: It seems that King Elvis, who ruled over the land of Vegas for forty years, has finally taken his last curtain call and the throne now stands empty. But its a rough road to the big city and the body count is likely to be high, as demonstrated in this postapocalyptic future with a beat we can dance to.

This one-shot was inspired by the independent 1998 film with the same name.

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 Matt Hawkins, Rob LiefeldDan Fraga, John Stinsman

Ashcan #1

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Sketchbook previewMatt Hawkins, Rob LiefeldDan Fraga, John Stinsman