The Darkness Black Sails (Vol. 2)

 DBS2   (Image, 2005)

™ and © 2005 Top Cow Productions

These days, the supernatural force known as The Darkness is controlled (or controls… it really depends on your point of view) by mobster Jackie Estacado. But the Darkness is eternal, and though Jackie has proven to be an exceptionally noteworthy host, he is far from the first…

In this tale of the High Seas, 17th century pirate Miguel Estacado utilizes his ruthless crew and his demonic allies to terrorize and plunder treasure–laden galleons across the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean. But when he boards his latest conquest, he discovers it is under Divine protection, in the form of the beautiful warrior–nun known as the Magdalena…

This one–shot also includes a preview of Marc Silvestri’s Hunter Killer.

— Joseph Self

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Hunter Killer PreviewRon MarzKeu Cha, Robin Spehar