Tales of Shaundra

 TAOS   (Rip Off, 1995)

©1995 Philo

Tales of Shaundra, “Swords, Sex & Sorcery” is an adults-only volume from Rip Off Press, created by Philo.

Shaundra is a sex-crazed swordswoman. Despite constant romps with her boyfriend Max and swordfights with guardsmen in the local tavern, she was getting a little bored with her life. Then she made the mistake of being rude to a tiny wizard who was criticizing her unladylike behavior. Before she could react, the wizard zapped her with a magic wand, knocking her unconscious.

When she awoke, the world looked very different to her. It began when Shaundra found herself lusting after serving girls. Then she chanced to look in the mirror—and discovered she now possessed both male and female sexual organs. If she ever finds the wizard again, there’ll be hell to pay—but in the meantime, she was going to give her new “equipment” a workout!

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