Conqueror of the Barren Earth

 COTE   (DC, 1985)

™ and ©1985 DC Comics, Inc.

Thousands of years in the future, Earth’s sun has become a red giant, laying waste to the planet it once warmed. Long before, most of mankind had departed for other worlds, leaving the dying world to be fought over by the savage forces that remained behind.

In conquering the stars, mankind had found new friends and a terrible new enemy, the Qlov. The warring between the Qlov and the Confederation had spanned the galaxy, until finally mankind was back where it had begun—trying to reclaim its homeworld, Earth. Sadly, as the spaceship Renewal approached Earth orbit, it was attacked by Qlov forces. Only one escape craft from each ship survived.

Light-years from her countrymen, the warrior Jinal now leads the five other Confederation survivors in a quest in which she is determined to succeed: to become the conqueror of the barren Earth.

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