The Power Company: Bork

    (DC, 2002)
and DC Comics

Years ago Carl Bork rescued an island chieftains son and was rewarded with a magic carving of his likeness that granted him invulnerability. Bork was no Good Samaritan. Rescuing the boy served his own ends because he needed the boys knowledge of the sea he was marooned in. Returning to the U.S., Bork used his power to attempt to take over Gotham City. This brought him afoul of Batman and The Flash (in The Brave and The Bold, #81). The events of his origin are retold and expanded in this title which serves to illustrate his eventual change of heart. His life of crime has disappointed his frail and sickly mother and her disapproval is more of a deterrent than the threat of prison or super-hero beatings.

Bork was one of seven one-shot books that served to introduce each member of Kurt Busieks new series, The Power Company. The Power Company is a super-hero group that is incorporated like a law firm, taking some jobs on a for-profit basis and others as pro bono work.

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