Space Patrol (Adventure)

    (Adventure, 1992-1993)
ô Williams Productions. ©1992 Wade Williams Productions and Malibu Comics, Inc.

Adventure Comicsí version of Space Patrol takes the pioneering science-fiction series from 1950s television and moves it to comic form. Itís actually the second series to have done this, Ziff-Davis having adapted Space Patrol some forty years earlier.

The Space Control has its home on Terra (Earth) in the late 21st century. They work as a sort of police force for the United Planets for Peace, the solar systemís government. In this new adventure, the Patrol is called to solve the kidnapping of Carol Carlysle, daughter of the Secretary General of the United Planets. In reality, itís all part of a plan by Prince Baccarrati, the Black Falcon. Baccarrati swore personal vengeance against the Space Patrolís leader, Buzz Corry. By kidnapping the Secretary Generalís daughter, Baccarrati hoped to lure Corry to his death.

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2 copies available from $4.00
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