Black Panther 2099

    (Marvel, 2004)
and Marvel Characters, Inc.

Part of the Marvel Knights 2099 event including other books like Punisher 2099 and Dardevil 2099, this is a look at the hero Black Panther in the not-so-distant future. All of the books were written by up and coming star writer Robert Kirkman (author/creator of the critical favorites Invincible and The Walking Dead). In this future-version of the Wakandan hero, Challa is long since dead and the African nation is being run by a greedy counsel of elders. When the new Dr. Doom invades in a bid for take-over, it is up to the resurrected spirit of the Black Panther to lead the rebels to victory. Moody art by Kyle Hotz helps a solid plot from Kirkman.

Ryan H. Jackson

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 Robert KirkmanKyle Hotz