The Men in Black

 MEIB   (Aircel, 1990)

™ and ©1990 Lowell Cunningham

They are the chosen few. They observe. They protect. They control. They are…the Men in Black.

Jay was just an undercover DEA agent, until the day that Kay, one of the deadly Men in Black, recruited him. Now his past is expunged, he wears Ray-Bans and black suits, and carries a neurolyser that can erase an innocent bystander’s memory in a flash.

The MIB exist to suppress socially explosive incidents, including but not limited to the appearance of UFO’s. Kay will face a variety of threats such as desert drug cultists who practice human sacrifice, and aliens sent to Earth on gigantic scavenger hunts.

If Jay can adjust to the secrecy of the organization, and survive the dangers of having a partner who doesn’t mind using him as bait, he may learn to love being part of the most bizarre law enforcement agency on the planet.

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1st appearance of the Men in Black; 1st appearance of Agent J; 1st appearance of Agent K; 1st appearance of Agent Zed; B&WLowell CunninghamSandy Carruthers

#1 American Entertainment Edition

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American Entertainment Edition; B&W, no cover priceLowell CunninghamSandy Carruthers


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B&WLowell CunninghamSandy Carruthers


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B&WLowell CunninghamSandy Carruthers

Book #1

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B&W; ca. 1991Lowell CunninghamSandy Carruthers