The Death of Angel Girl

 DOA6   (Angel, 1997)

™ and ©1997 Adam Post

A year ago, Peter St. George used his Heaven-born magic to send the demon Uriel back to Hell. Since then, his girlfriend—an angel named Michelle—has left him, and he has become a hopeless drunk. While Peter is being coaxed by Madimi—the half-angel/half-demon daughter of Michelle he rescued in his attack on Uriel—to help her find her mother, Michelle is making a deal with the Devil to help her destroy Uriel once and for all. How will it all turn out? You’ll have to move on from this black-and-white one-shot to Angel Girl Vs. Vampire Girls to learn the answer to that one.

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AdultLloyd ChasseurDemetrio Campos

#1 Variation A

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Erotic A cover; AdultLloyd ChasseurDemetrio Campos

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Erotic B cover; AdultLloyd ChasseurDemetrio Campos