Caliber Spotlight

 CALS   (Caliber, 1995)

Stories ©1995 their respective creators

Caliber Spotlight is a giant-sized one-shot that previewed that publisher’s new offerings for 1995. This weighty volume includes sneak previews at Unleashed ( by Joe Sinn’s Brooks Hagen), Gabriel, and Nowheresville, along with the “New Worlds” titles: Raven Chronicles, Inferno, Underside, and The Searchers. The latter has a particularly interesting premise: its stars are a team of researchers descended from the key characters in such H.G. Wells and Jules Verne novels as The Island of Doctor Moreau and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Along with these previews are short stories featuring Caliber’s leading characters: A.K.A. Goldfish, Kabuki, Kilroy, and Oz. Altogether, it’s an impressive introduction to a publisher regarded as a pioneer in black-and-white comics.

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B&w anthology with A.K.A. Goldfish, Kabuki, Kilroy is Here, Oz, and previews