Zwanna, Son of Zulu

 ZSOZ   (ANIA, 1993)


Prince Zwanna, a direct descendant of the great African king Chaka Zulu is sent to an American university for his royal education. Little do his enemies, or the many female students who have crushes on the handsome prince, know that the venom of a radioactive, DDT-crazed cobra has given him virtual invulnerability and super-human strength. This is enhanced by his natural agility and a sharp, telescoping spear which he wields with deadly accuracy.

Although the title comes off as homophobic at times (his arch-enemies are a team of hairy transvestites accused of seducing world leaders), itís at least partially redeemed by its sheer campiness. In addition, its place as one of the premiere comics in the Afrocentric ANIA line, along with its occasional social commentary, makes Zwanna, Son of Zulu a notable title.

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 Nabile P. HageJohn Ruiz