Black Mist: Blood of Kali

 BMBK   (Caliber, 1997)

™ and © 1997 James Pruett

Featuring characters that previously appeared in Raven Chronicles and Red Diaries, Black Mist: Blood of Kali is reminiscent of DC/Vertigo’s Hellblazer. Like Hellblazer, Black Mist features a sharp-tongued, blond-haired protagonist in a trench coat. In fact, Adam Basura has a striking resemblance to Hellblazer’s John Constantine that is hard to deny. Basura attends the funeral of an old friend, only to discover her corpse later missing. The Death Cult of Kali, a group of assassins that want to revive their evil goddess Kali, took her body so they could use it as a host.

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 James PruettMichael Perkins

#1 Variation A

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Woman holding skull“cup" filled with blood coverJames PruettMichael Perkins

#1 American Entertainment Edition

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Woman with skeletons under six pointed star symbol cover; American Entertainment ExclusiveJames PruettMichael Perkins

#1 Variation B

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Woman“zombie" coming out of smoke cover; Signed by James PruettJames PruettMichael Perkins


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#2 Variation A

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Another Universe variant  


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