To Die For

    (Blackthorne, 1989)
©1989 Dracula Pictures, Inc.

It is 1989 in Los Angeles, and Vlad Tepes (a.k.a. Dracula) has just come to town. This is a fairly basic modern version of Bram Stokerís classic vampire tale, but there are a few new twists. Not only must Vlad face the expected human antagonists, he must also deal with Tom, a fellow vampire with an old grudge. But Vladís feelings for the beautiful Kate end up being the greatest threat.

A 3-D version of this comic uses the technique in an interesting manner, but lacks the nostalgic feel of sitting in a dark theater, munching popcorn, while the screen action leaps out at you. The story was, however, based on a motion picture from Arrowhead Entertainment, which probably made better use of the 3-D animation.

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Movie adaptation; B&W Edgar Martiarena

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Movie adaptation