The Vanishers

 VANB   (Idea + Design Works, 2002)

™ and © Idea + Design Works LLC

With a name like The Vanishers, the comics shop customer might expect another comic book about a gang of highly distinctive super-powered assassins passing themselves off as super-heroes, but, thankfully, it’s nothing of the sort. Rather, it’s a rousing boy’s own time-travel adventure.

As recent storylines in various DC titles have shown, Chuck Dixon dearly loves a time travel story, and not because he has any great affection for mind-numbing temporal paradoxes. No, they’re mainly used as an excuse to have contemporary characters encountering “cool” historical stuff. And that’s pretty much the deal here, as modern kid Andy starts to notice his classmates vanishing — as if they had never been born — and gets swept into a grand adventure.

There are knickerbockers and blimps and medieval battles and Roman gladiatorial games and, inexplicably enough, a robot cowboy chasing Andy to a finish millions of years in the past.

No doubt, potential readers will be alienated, if terms like “old-fashioned” and “wholesome” are tossed about. Suffice it to say this one should please any 12-year-old — or the 12-year-old inside of you.

— S.A. Bennett

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