Teen Titans/Legion Special

    (DC, 2004)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

This one–shot wraps up current Legion continuity and provides an in–continuity springboard for writer Mark Waid and artist Barry Kitson’s rebooted Legion of Super-Heroes (5th series), which launched in December 2004. In this fast–paced tale that unites the brightest teenage super–heroes of the DC Universe’s present and future, the Fatal Five’s Persuader learns that his atomic axe can not only slice through physical objects, but it can cut through the fabric of reality as well; so he brings together Fatal Fives from all sorts of alternate timelines to conquer the thirty–first century. Fortunately, the super–teens of two eras stand ready to fight off this invasion, but can time itself bear the stress of this adventure?

— Thomas Moudry

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1st Appearance of The Legion of Super-Heroes (5th Series)Mark Waid, Geoff JohnsIvan Reis, Joe Prado, Barry Kitson