Slowpoke Comix

    (Alternative, 1998)
ô and ©1998 Jen Sorensen

This collection of whimsical stories is the creation of artist/writer Jen Sorensen. Umbrella carrying Mr. Perkins, the musically inclined Minnie, straight-man Little Gus and sex-crazed Drooly Julie form the core players in these sometimes surreal scenes. Many of these characters saw first light in Jenís daily strip published at the University of Virginia.

In true comic strip fashion, the layout of each story is rarely longer than three pages. Each page rhythmically repeats a symmetrical six-panel arrangement. Jen only strays from this formula to add impact to a given story. Clean and crisp, these black-and-white images march across the page.

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Adult; B&WJennifer SorensenJennifer Sorensen