Original Sins

    (Avalon, 1999)
™ and ©1999 James O’Barr

It’s not just politics, but war that can sometimes make strange bedfellows. And in a foxhole, or in the jungles of a Communist country, American soldiers may find themselves shoulder-to-shoulder with men and women they wouldn’t go near in civilian life. That’s the case for a green young soldier (nicknamed “Petrol” after an unfortunate gas station accident) who finds himself part of a troop of misfits battling enemy soldiers in a place another soldier refers to as a certain dark part of Hell. The group includes two women he’s certain could kick his ass; a guy known as Caddy (short for “cadaver,” nice); and a 7-foot-tall mohawked psycho named Danzig. He might look like he walked off the pages of Frankenstein, and he may be draining the troop’s supply of morphine, but Petrol’s glad Danzig is on there side…especially when they’re set upon by Russian snipers…

Written and drawn by James O’Barr (better known for The Crow), this title includes a gallery of O’Barr pinups. Published in black-and-white by ACG Comics, this title was first published in 1989.

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