Zenith: Phase I

    (Fleetway Quality, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

Some years before World War II, the Cult of the Black Sun was the secret power behind the German war machine. The cult served spirits from another dimension called the Many Angled Ones which sought to make Earth their own. To do this, they needed the use of physical bodies. But the bodies of normal humans were too fragile to hold them. Accordingly, Germany launched a program to create supermen to serve as vessels for their dark masters.

Thus Germany produced Masterman—and defecting German scientists allowed Britain to produce Maximan. Later, a whole group of British super-humans arose in Maximan’s shadow. After the war, these new heroes became inactive; today, they’re practically forgotten.

But suddenly, the old war is beginning anew, and heroes young and old must join together—to fight a new menace with a very familiar face…

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