Tales From the Aniverse (Arrow)

    (Arrow, 1986)
ô and ©1986 Randy Zimmerman and Susan Van Camp

Science fiction has found comicdom a difficult nut to crack. While popular with films and novels, itís a proven fact that comic book fans tend to read more mainstream super-hero titles. Anthropomorphics is just as bad. Typically described as childrenís fare, drawings of human-like animals bare with them a stigma adult readers shy away from. But as Arrow Comics has proven with its Tales From the Aniverse, both of these rules can be thrown out the window. A black and white collection of short stories revolving around high tech, intelligent animals that populate the Aniverse, the title calls forth memories of such sci-fi classics as Star Wars and Star Trek and adds a bit of the Looney Toons in for good measure.

Readers will marvel at such well-developed characters as Falterous (a Darth Vader-like bull who terrorizes the Aniverse with his group of space pirates) and Retro Ram (the heroic champion of the Avian Conflict who emerges from retirement to defend the Aniverse from evil). Also included is Ms. Chevious (the feline bounty hunter whose allegiance is sold to the highest bidder). While each entertaining short can be read as a stand-alone story, settings and characters overlap to create a beautiful canvas of continuity.

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