Zen Intergalactic Ninja: Tour of the Universe Special, The Airbrush Art of Dan Cote

    (Entity, 1995)
ô and ©1995 Entity Comics, a division of Express Publications, Inc.

This is sort of a Zen primer. Beginning with Zenís Hypership, this gorgeously painted one-shot takes us through the many worlds of Zen. We are introduced to Zenís photon-stick, our heroís super-cool, multipurpose weapon; Quake, the destroyer of worlds; the fierce warrior-race called the Rygulians; and the other life forms Zen has encountered in his travels. The focus here is on Coteís talent with the airbrush, and it is, indeed, formidable. Essentially a collection of pinups, the beautiful book is definitely worth a good, long look.

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Enhanced cardstock coverDan CoteDan Cote