Marvel Milestone Edition: Iron Man

 MMEQ   (Marvel, 1992)

ô and ©1992 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Otherwise known as Iron Man #55, this is a complete facsimile reprint of the comic that saw the debut of Marvelís cosmic villain Thanos, along with the Destroyer, Eros, Mentor, and other characters who would play notable parts in an acclaimed Captain Marvel run. Taken in historical context, though, it was a fill-in, and possible tryout, by Jim Starlin during a period when everyone and his mother were producing an issue of Iron Man. It improved on Iron Man #54, but the significance lies in the characters introduced, not the quality.

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Reprints Iron Man #55; 1st Appearance of Drax; 1st Appearance of Starfox; 1st Appearance of ThanosJim Starlin, Mike FriedrichJim Starlin