DCU Heroes Secret Files

 DHSF   (DC, 1999)

ô and ©1999 DC Comics

This mysterious one-shot explores the secrets of some of DCís most unusual heroes! In the lead story, the Department of Extranormal Operations sends agent Cameron Chase accompanied by Sarge Steel on an unusual assignment: conducting surveillance and gathering information on super-heroes. However, the cases of Captain Marvel, Hitman a.k.a. Tommy Monaghan and Resurrection Man a.k.a. Mitchell Shelley donít make this job easy for them. Agent Chase embarrassingly learns firsthand that characters routinely use deception and guile because anything does happen in the DCU. Added bonuses include a guide to Resurrection Manís powers; lost pagesā revealing DEO classified solutions for resolving the super-hero question; profile pages and more.

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 Dan Curtis Johnson, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Alan Grant, Keith Giffen, Eliot Brown, Mark Millar, Matt Brady, Beau Smith, Geoff Johns, John Francis MooreDerec Aucoin, Gary Erskine, Greg Luzniak, Norm Breyfogle, Mike McKone, Eliot Brown, Matthew Clark, Adam DeKraker, Drew Johnson, Lee Moder, Dan Davis, J.H. Williams III, Mick Gray, Tom Mandrake, John McCrea, Butch Guice, Peter Krause, Paul Guinan, Dusty Abell, Sergio Cariello, Georges Jeanty, Dick Giordano