Golden Age Treasury

    (AC, 2003)
ô Americomics, © AC Comics

Part of me wants to say this reprint collection is only for a select audience of elite appreciators, but, on the other hand, anyone interested in seeing what was up with Golden Age comics will find this fairly inexpensive (compared to the hardcover DC Archives series) volume an impressively rich sampler.

Those with a hankering for super-heroes can choose from the well-known (Fighting Yank, Bulletman), the wonderfully obscure (Tomboy, Captain Flash), and just plain inexplicable (Iím all for inclusion, but whatís Super Mouse doing here?) fighting classic villains like The Claw, Iron Jaw, and The Frankenstein Monster himself. Those who prefer to focus on the art will enjoy the educational articles peppered between the stories. (The feature on Mort Meskin is especially informative.) The bottom line is: Golden Age comics were a lot of fun, and so is the aptly named treasury.

ó S.A. Bennett

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