Fallout 3000 (Mike Deodato’s…)

    (Caliber, 1996)
™ and © 1996 Mike Deodato

In 2025, Earth suffered a great nuclear war that decimated half the population. Swearing this would never happen again, mankind slowly rebuilt itself into a single united community. A monumental capital city was built in the Amazon basin, called Pacifica. The world was at peace. Then the aliens came. Looking at terrestrials as bothersome sheep, the aliens wish to destroy all human life and populate the planet themselves. And they may succeed, unless the remaining humans unleash their most unthinkable weapon.

This one-shot is part of a series of one-shots published by Caliber Comics reprinting fan-favorite Mike Deodato’s black and white artwork originally produced for the Brazilian market. Fallout 3000 is Deodato’s first-ever published comic book story, written by his father, Mike Deodato Sr.

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