Silverstorm (Aircel)

    (Aircel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Aircel. Silver Dollar ©1990 Bary Gregory. Tempest ©1990 Thomas Fortenberry

Silverstorm takes place in a world that has never heard of super-heroes—yet. The series focuses on two characters, Tempest and Silver Dollar. Tempest can control the wind and Silver Dollar possesses an awesome, technologically advanced suit of armor. Usually, in the comic book world, individuals with these sort of powers would run to their nearest spandex store, purchase a costume, and go out to fight crime. However, the two characters are actually adverse to doing this. It’s not exactly the first thing to come to mind. But alas, they are soon forced into using their powers to save some lives—their own! Both characters are abducted by a group who wants to study them to see what makes them tick. They soon become bonafide super-heroes.

Silverstorm was a four-issue limited series that premiered in 1990. The series was printed in black-and-white.

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3 copies available from $0.75
1st Appearance of Silver Dollar; 1st appearance of Tempest; B&WThomas FortenberrySteven Butler


1 copy available for $1.99
B&WThomas FortenberrySteven Butler


2 copies available from $1.99
B&WThomas FortenberrySteven Butler


1 copy available for $1.25
B&WThomas Fortenberry, Roland MannSteven Butler