The Blue Bulleteer

 BLUR   (AC, 1989)

™ Americomics, ©1989 AC Comics

Back in the days of World War II, Laura Wright lived a double-life. By day, she was the socialite daughter of a prominent senator; but by night she fought Nazi insurgency as the Blue Bulleteer.

This title chronicles her early adventures as a beautiful Nazi hunter and member of the Femforce. To Laura’s chagrin, she discovers that another hero had independently modified a magnetic “bullet” outfit and had it patented—along with the name. Later in life, Laura would abandon her Bulleteer persona to become Nightveil.

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Origin of Blue Bulleteer; B&WBill BlackBill Lux

Special Edition #1

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B&W; ca. 1996Bill Black, Isaac VillalpandoIsaac Villalpando, Matt Baker, Mark Heike