Robotech: Mechangel

 ROBX   (Academy, 1995-1996)

Robotech is and 1985 Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc./Tatsunoko Productions Co. Ltd.

Lyss is a Zentraedi assassin, trained by the legendary Breetai Tul and Exadore. She fought on the Zentraedi side during the entire Robotech war, only to change sides at the end. She offered to be shrunk to human size, and proudly served the human side in numerous battles that followed, including the Malcontent Uprisings. During that time, she ran afoul of Eldin Frost, a Colonel in the Brasilia Military Police who began experiments grafting Zentraedi tissues and organs into humans. When Lyss confronted him, she was captured and experimented on for days before escaping.

She never said what they did to her.

Once free, she began methodically targeting the scientists who experimented on her, eventually finding an ally who created a battle suit known as Mechangel. With it, she continued her hunt for Frost and his men.

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