Great Exploits

    (Decker, 1957)
™ and ©1957 Decker Publications, Inc.

An obscure 1950s one-shot that reprinted stories from other obscure 1950s series, Great Exploits may not seem like a promising addition to anyone’s collection. But the title is apt and this book is a real diamond in the rough, since it features two masterfully drawn stories by artist Bernie Krigstein, who made an indelible mark on comics in such EC “new direction” titles as Impact! The first Krigstein story in Great Exploits is a sci-fi war epic of an assault on a Martian colony, the other a “true” tale of a Russian double agent, with an EC-like twist at the end. Mytho-historic figures like Marco Polo and Robin Hood round out the issue, each appearing in exploits of their own. Although the paper stock and production values of this one-shot are low quality (making the book hard to find in higher grades) this cheaply made reprint is rich with storytelling power from one of the great innovators in comic art.

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