JLA Secret Files 2004

 JSF2   (DC, 2004)

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JLA Secret Files and Origins 2004 contains two stories and four character profiles in a single 48 page issue. The first story, “Same Coin,” features the ethically suspect Justice League Elite led by cyborg Vera Lynn Black, as told from the perspective of the Flash (who simultaneously inhabits two parallel universes). The second story, “The Fall of Modora,” is a prelude to events commencing in JLA #107. The villainous Red King is introduced for the first time in a single page character profile. The Justice League Elite, JLA (Satellite Era) and Ultramarine Corps are also profiled.

— Leland Burrill

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 Joe Kelly, Kurt Busiek, Dan Slott, Mike McAvennieJohn Byrne, Doug Mahnke, Ron Garney, Dan Jurgens, Ed McGuinness