JAVE   (Firstlight, 1994)

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In a place beyond description, two omniscient beings play a metaphorical chess game that controls two warring races across the galaxy. The Oliruiu and the Hoyz are fighting for possession of the keys to the icon of creation. But while the Hoyz captured one of the keys, the other was spirited away with an Oliruiu priestess named Zena to the city of Las Vegas on Earth. Here the game begins again even though the participants remain unaware that of their true origins and motivations.

Javerts is a loosely organized group of super-powered characters sent to retrieve Zena and save her from the Marauders. Their cavalier attitude in the midst of life and death situations is standard super-hero team bravado and the comic’s foil logo violates a basic tenet of marketing. It is stylized to the point of illegibility.

— George Haberberger

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