Nexus: The Origin

 NETO   (Dark Horse, 1992)

™ and ©1992 Mike Baron and Steve Rude
Retroactively numbered Nexus (Vol. 2) #81

This 1992 one-shot marked the long-awaited return of Baron & Rude’s Nexus, and finally gave the full story on how this avenger came to be.

Nexus is a being with almost unlimited power, hailed as a galactic hero for his role in freeing oppressed peoples on countless worlds. In his “civilian” life he is Horatio Hellpop, son of Theodore Hellpop and Dońita Marlis Esperanza. He was born on the planet Vradic where his father was the local ruler for Sov Empire. In time, the populace rose up and was on the brink of overthrowing Sov rule on Vradic. So, acting under orders of the Supreme Sov, Hellpop took his wife and child into a spaceship with him and ordered the entire planet destroyed. Afterward, he considered himself unfit for human civilization and set his ship’s course for the heart of a black hole. He intended to kill himself, but instead encountered a strange new world which would shape his son into an instrument of justice.

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Origin of Nexus; This issue was retroactively numbered in the Nexus continuity as Nexus (Vol. 2) #81Mike BaronSteve Rude