Harbinger: Acts of God

    (Acclaim, 1998)
ô and ©1998 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

Imprisoned in a clandestine government research laboratory, teenagers Scott and Jesse Morrell, Faith Herbert, and Victoria Rubio consider themselves guinea pigs. The group is subjected to performance tests to determine the extent of their enhanced abilities. Unknown to the group, the government is attempting to control the Harbinger. After escaping they decide to join the Calling. Imagine the Book of Revelations prophecies occurring in 1998. It predicts the appearance of the Harbinger and the false prophet. The Harbingerís only purpose will be to prepare the earth for the arrival of the Antichrist. This raises important questions for the group: will they cleanse the earth or will they determine the Harbingerís true mission?

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Wraparound coverJames Perham, Jeof VitaPaco Diaz

#1 Variation A

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Dark Froces Editon Signed by James Perham; Limited to 250James Perham, Jeof VitaPaco Diaz