Box Office Poison: Kolor Karnival

 BOPK   (Antarctic, 1999)

™ and ©1999 Alex Robinson

Fate seems to play its hand when old lovers cross paths in the future. During these chance meetings each partner tends to remember the good times and not reasons for the failure of the relationship. In most instances, one partner is involved with someone else, and the someone else, begins to doubt his or her current relationship. The other woman/other man is always present in the back of one’s mind in any relationship. Temptation and jealousy are two of the Seven Deadly Sins examined with evenhanded poise in Alex Robinson’s script. Once in a while, we all think about past lovers and how it would be so much better with the person now. Rarely, does life mimic the imagination. This one-shot is a mature and realistic portrayal of modern-day intimate and professional relationships.

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Kolor Karnival; Cover says Apr, indicia says MayAlex RobinsonAlex Robinson