Silver Age: Justice League of America

    (DC, 2000)
ô and ©2000 DC Comics

In DCís Summer 2000 Silver Age event, the bodies of the Justice League of America have been taken over by the minds of their greatest villains (and yes, the heroes are likewise trapped in the villainsí bodies). As they go on assorted rampages, many of the greatest, if now forgotten, heroes of the Silver Age return to help protect Earth from its enemies. In this adventure, we are treated once more to the original super-team of the Silver Ageóthe Challengers of the Unknown (itís true: their first appearance in Showcase predates the arrival of the Justice League and even Marvelís Fantastic Four). In this adventure, Red, Prof, Rocky and Ace, those rough-and-ready he-men in the yellow jump-suits, face off against the time-bending villain Chronos, who seems intent on stealing a time pool from Ivy University. What they donít realize is that the mind of the Atom resides within Chronosí body and they are actually thwarting the heroís plan to save the universe. Will the Challs realize the truth in (wait for it) time?

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 Mark MillarScott Kolins