Tales of the Jackalope

    (Blackthorne, 1986-1987)
™ and ©1986 R.L. Crabb

Tales Of The Jackalope is a black-and-white humor series from the same people who created Hamster Vice. The hamsters even make an occasional appearance here.

Each issue of the title contains two to three stories that feature Suicide Squirrel and Junior Jackalope. These two wacky characters seem to get involved in all sorts of trouble wherever they go. Most of these problems involve lighthearted attacks on today’s society. For instance, in one issue, they deal with the deterioration of America’s forest land. In this adventure, they meet a shadowy figure that seems to be America’s most influential forest preservationist, Smokey the Bear. Smokey (if that really was him) mused about how the downfall of the forest began with an innocent lunch he had with Secretary of the Interior James Watt. Watt had shortened Smokey’s slogan from “you can prevent forest fires,” to “Only you can prevent forests,” and it was all downhill from there.

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