Harvey Spotlite

 HARO   (Harvey, 1987)

and 1987 Harvey Comic Publications

Long-time publisher Harvey Comics reentered the market in the late 1980s to win back its faithful stronghold of younger readers. In addition to licensing a few new properties, Harvey decided to dust off its venerable lineup of favorites, including Baby Huey, Little Dot, and Sad Sack in a showcase title called Harvey Spotlite. The first issue featured the antics of the hapless private, Sad Sack, a military comedy strip that had been popular in the 1940s through the 70s. Sad Sack, Sarge, Mutsy, and the gang are all back in new adventures, but the magic touch (and the relevance) are missing. By the early 90s, Harvey discovered that the comic business had changed and there seemed to no longer be a market for its wholesome, kiddie-oriented fare. Harvey Spotlite ceased after the fourth issue.

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Spotlite on Sad Sack; Skater Sack  


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Spotlite on Baby Huey  


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Spotlite on Little Dot  


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Spotlite on Little Audrey