(Eternity, 1990-1991)
ô and ©1990 New TV, Inc.

The character of Emeraldas is taken from the manga series, Captain Harlock. Emeraldas is the leader of a band of rebels who refuse to give up their freedom to the tyrannical Illumidas Empire. The Illumidas are warmongers who have control of most of the known galaxy. Emeraldas fights a never-ending battle against what seem to be impossible odds. Still, this strong leader fights with a will which instills hope in her followers.

As this four-issue series begins, Emeraldas finds herself mixed-up in an adventure involving Miantir, daughter of the leader of Eden, a land that is blessedly capable of supporting plant life. Miantir and her father do not get along because she is in love with a man named Jude, a visionary who believes that peace is possible. Emeraldas ends up fighting both of these menís battles against the Illumidas.

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