Speed Demon

    (Amalgam, 1996)
and 1996 Marvel Characters, Inc. and DC Comics, Inc.

Speed Demon was one of twelve titles DC and Marvel published jointly under the Amalgam masthead. Early in 1996 the two companies united to produce a four-issue Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel series in which their characters encountered and were forced to fight each other. Between the third and final issue the two universes merged, resulting in character fusions heretofore unimagined.

The source material for Speed Demon is primarily The Demon and The Flash, with elements of Ghost Rider and The Spectre added. Blaze Allen allowed himself to become the human host for a demon named Etrigan in order to rescue the soul of his wife Iris from the realm of the Night Spectre. His nephew, Wally West, follows a similar path and becomes a motorcycle-riding Speed Demon la Johnny Blaze.

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