Masters of the Universe (Mini-Series)

 MOTG   (DC, 1982–1983, 2009)

™ and ©1982 Mattel, Inc.

Once again, it’s up to He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to fight the forces of evil in the kingdom of Eternia. In this three-part mini-series He-Man’s nefarious arch-enemy Skeletor kidnaps Eternia’s goddess. In order to save her from the evil rogue, He-Man has to seek out three talismans representing the sea, the sky, and the cosmos in order to find the Power Sword. But it won’t be easy, since another villain is hot on the trail to find the Power Sword as well.

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 Paul KupperbergGeorge Tuska


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Origin of He-Man (Prince Adam); Origin of CerilPaul KupperbergGeorge Tuska


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Collector's Preview #1

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Reprints insert included in many November 1982 DC comics; Indicia reads “Masters of the Universe Preview”; Included with Lex Luthor vs. Skeletor toy 2-pack; ca. 2009Paul KupperbergCurt Swan