Wild Think

    (Wild Think, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Wild Think Productions and Burt Griswold

On the moon, four astronauts discover a strange object which appears to be extraterrestrial in origin. Before they can examine it in detail, the object disintegrates them all.

The government only knows what happened to the astronauts because of a new top-secret technology called Time Scanning. A group of scientists has discovered the mechanical relationship between time and the human brain, and they can literally enter the astronauts’ minds before they were killed.

Suddenly, the government is trying to take control of the Time Scanning project. And one of the project’s scientists is caught in a trance-like state inside the Time Scanning machine. Will the scientists on Project Wild Think be able to keep control long enough to unravel all these mysteries? Only time will tell...

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 Burt GriswoldBurt Griswold