Magic: The Gathering—Antiquities War

    (Armada, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1995 Wizards of the Coast

This four-issue mini-series is set in a time and place which is only now rediscovering the technology that was lost ages before, and exists now only as artifacts. Two brothers, Uzra and Mishra, have discovered the power source for these great relics, and eventually find themselves custodians of two great crystal which together embody this great power. By joining together, they can command the ancient war machines–indeed they could potentially control the planet. But both desire the other’s crystal, and if they war against one another, they could destroy the world.

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Origin of Urza and MishraJerry ProsserPaul Smith


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 Jerry ProsserPhil Hester


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 Jerry ProsserPhil Hester


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 Jerry ProsserPhil Hester