The Frankenstein/Dracula War

 FRDW   (Topps, 1995)

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This is a three-part limited series from writers Roy Thomas (All-Star Squadron) and Jean-Marc Lofficier (Superman’s Metropolis) and artist Claude St. Aubin (James Bond 007/Goldeneye). It finds Count Saint-Germain and a group of Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers coercing the Monster of Frankenstein to help them acquire the heart of Count Dracula for the purpose of creating an elixir that will grant eternal life to those who drink it. Owing much to the original novels by Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker—and not so much to their various film versions—The Frankenstein/Dracula War is a worthy addition to the monsters’ comic book canon, which includes Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s excellent Tomb of Dracula series.

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 Roy ThomasJean-Claude St. Aubin


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 Roy ThomasJean-Claude St. Aubin


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 Roy ThomasJean-Claude St. Aubin