MerlinRealm 3-D

 ME3D   (Blackthorne, 1985)

ô and ©1985 Mark Wayne Harris and Nicholas Koenig

In the final days of this universe, all that existed writhed and convulsed in its throes of death and destruction. Only then did the great wizard Merlin finally free himself from the eternal imprisonment of Stonehenge and pour his magics forth into the world of men. With these magics he formed his own realm, albeit far from cohesive. Still, he ruled wisely and sired a son to succeed him. Prince Seth renounced his birthright and sought to establish his own kingdom. Merlin vanished without a trace soon after Sethís departure, and attempts to find Merlin met with failure. Virtually a commoner, Seth returned to claim his destiny as Lord of the Realm, but the land had been overthrown with chaos in his fatherís absence. Although he is a powerful black magician, that ability alone may not be sufficient to conquer a kingdom. Presently, the series is only available in 3-D format.

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 Mark Wayne HarrisNicholas Koenig

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