Time Traveler Herbie

    (Avalon, 1999)
™ and ©1999 Roger Broughton

Herbie Popnecker is an unlikely adventurer. Shaped like a globe, with thick round glasses, a bowl haircut, and a lollipop fetish, the “plump lump” is nevertheless an unstoppable time traveler.

Riding in his grandfather clock, and sucking on his supernatural lollipops, Herbie’s misadventures take him from the time of Christopher Columbus to Napoleon and beyond. Herbie finds himself in many scrapes, but luckily he’s very difficult to hurt and always has special-purpose lollipops on hand in an emergency.

The women love the rotund Herbie, whether they’re ugly mermaids or Queen Isabella, but he avoids their kisses. He’s too busy saving the day, while trying to be a good son to his swell mom and dad.

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