Blade: Sins of the Father

 BSOF   (Marvel, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Blade’s mother was murdered during her son’s birth by the vampire Deacon Frost, leaving our hero a human-vampire hybrid and a vampire hunter with the goal of eradicating the “leeches” (as he calls them) from the face of the earth. This Prestige Format one-shot deals with a vampire gang war that has its roots in the gangster-ridden Chicago of the 1920s: Cordelia Passolini, the daughter of a mob boss, was made a vampire by her father, and her first victim was her fiancé, Roberto Strati. As a result, Ms. Passolini despises vampires and, like Blade, wants to see them destroyed. She lets our hero know that something big is about to go down between two rival vampire gangs and vows to help him. But can she be trusted? Is there more to her story than meets the eye? Find out in this one-shot tie-in with the 1998 film “Blade.”

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