Mystic Edge

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Ryan Kinnaird

This Manga-inspired series from writer/artist Evan Kinnaird features Symattra and Risa, scantily clad bounty hunters looking for “a big payoff.” They think they’re in line for it when they are kidnapped by the cruel Kyleen and forced to search for an ancient gemstone that will bring her immeasurable wealth and power. With the help of the hunky Evron, they begin a quest that exposes them to all sorts of evils and dangers, both technological and mystical in nature. There’s a “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-quality about this book with all its pitfalls and cliff-hangers; and, while the artwork is somewhat gratuitous in its depictions of women, it is gorgeous, especially in terms of the coloring.

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1st Appearance of Ena; 1st appearance of Evron; 1st appearance of Kyleen; 1st appearance of Risa; 1st appearance of SymattraRyan KinnairdRyan Kinnaird