Americomics, AC Comics

Forty years ago, Reddevil was a super-hero fighting crime and protecting the American way of life during World War II.

Coming out of stasis, Reddevil, as well as other crime-fighters of his era, find themselves in the strange and unfamiliar world of the 1990s. From Catman and the Kitten, to Captain Flash and the Hood, the heroes have outlived all of their friends and relatives, and must now rely on each other.

But if the heroes have survived forty years, might not others have returned as well? Perhaps even an evil criminal genius known as the Claw?

In addition to new material by Dick Ayers, issue number one of this title reprints a story by Jack Cole, featuring the classic Golden Age villain, the Claw.

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No indicia; B&w and redBill Black, Jack ColeDick Ayers, Jack Cole