Winds of Winter

 WIOW   (Antarctic, 2001)

ô and ©2001 Gianluca Piredda and Stefano Cardoselli

What if Neil Gaiman were Italian? Well, instead of writing Sandman, he might have produced this haunting, evocative book about what happens when Death falls in love. Italian comics creators Gianluca Piredda and Stefano Cardoselli create a dreamlike world where Death (here depicted as male, as opposed to Gaimanís distinctly feminine version) finds himself manipulated by his brother Fate into taking the lives of various nobleman in a sleepy hamlet. But in the course of performing his merciless duties, Death meets a beautiful maiden whom he cannot bring himself to take, but with whom he can never be. What happens next is both stirring and unexpected. Although the story seems to lose something in its translation from Italian to English, it still carries a hefty emotional punch, and is well worth a look. Bryan Talbot (Adventures of Luther Arkwright) provides terrific cover art.

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 Brian Holguin, Gianluca PireddaStefano Cardoselli