Predator: Captive

    (Dark Horse, 1998)
™ and ©1987, 1998 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The aliens known as Predators are the deadliest hunters in the universe. They possess advanced technology such as nuclear warheads, infinitely sharp cutting weapons, and personal cloaking devices. What’s more, they seem to live to kill. They are far more advanced than we, but utterly uncivilized.

This combination made them an irresistible subject for study. So when Tyler Stern of Stern Industries managed to get hold of a captured Predator, he built a specially constructed biodome to mimic its native environment. Then, he periodically fed it prey and watched it—all from the safety of his computer screen in the command center.

But something is wrong. The prisoner, who should be utterly unable to escape, is taking his confinement too casually. Then, there are the atmospheric leakages that indicate that someone—or something—has gotten out…

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NN; One-shotGordon RennieDean Ormston